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Tenchi Goju Ryu Dojo/Martial Arts Center

3975 Ruby Drive Varnell GA 30756



A four style seminar event covering Shorin Ryu, (Seibukan) Goju Ryu, Uechi Ryu (Konan-Ryu) and Kobudo (Matayoshi-Ryu) by three world class instructors at the superb Tenchi Goju Ryu Dojo & Martial Arts Center, in Dalton, GA.

Zenpo Shimabukuro, 10th Dan Hanshi Seibukan; Yoshio Kuba, 10th Dan Hanshi Goju-Ryu; Seisho Itokazu, 9th Dan Uechi Ryu, (Konan-Ryu) 9th Dan Matayoshi Kobudo (Former technical director of Matayoshi Kobudo)



Our events are designed to make world class instruction available to all karate exponents in North America seeking a higher level of knowledge. All classes are taught by highly respected, experienced, and technically superb instructors whose teaching is truly inspirational. We include Q&A sessions at designated times so that our members can discuss their training and the technical aspects of karate freely with their instructors.

These seminars are sanctioned by the
Karate Do Kenkyukai Public Educational Foundation,
[Not-for-Profit IRS 501(c)(3)] and each segment earns
10 units towards Level A Certification. (
They are open to all styles, all associations, and all levels of ability and experience. You are now able to train with the best in the world, in an atmosphere of cooperation, comradeship, and mutual benefit!

Tenchi Goju Ryu Dojo/Martial Arts Center is a state-of-the-art, purpose build, 11,000 sq.ft. facility made up of two large dojo, a smaller dojo for private tuition, study areas, lounges, changing rooms and reception.

The high ceiling and wooden floor of the Higaonna dojo make it particularly suitable for Kobudo training, while the Miyagi dojo’s matted floor lends itself to studying the applications of kata that involved, throwing, take-downs, joint locks, etc.

The facility is new, professionally run, and immaculately clean and there is ample parking in the dojo’s own lot. Modeled on the Okinawan Prefectural Budokan in Onoyama Koen, Naha City, Okinawa, it has every amenity that the serious martial artist could need or want.



From May 19-22 members will be able to study many facets of Goju Ryu, Uechi Ryu, Shorin Ryu and Okinawan Kobudo. Training is intense with active, detailed instruction, rather than endless basic techniques. It is the policy of the Kenkyukai, in its seminars in Japan and overseas, to teach its members how and what to learn, rather than how to be a drill team. You should leave our event with a much greater understanding of what you are doing now, and what you need to do.

Attendees are recommended to register in advance so that we can make adequate arrangements for those who attend. Please wear a standard type karate uniform for training, and be warmed up and ready before classes starts.

May 19 - 21
General training AM & PM.

May 22nd Morning
Special Goju Ryu instructor training with
Kuba Sensei 10th Dan.

May 22nd Afternoon
Karate Do Kenkyukai members Goju Ryu grade evaluation by Kuba Sensei.

Tuition and Dojo Fees for karate training May 19-21 $325

Kobudo Seminars on May 20 & 21 (4 seminars) $225

Sayonara Dinner at the Dalton Golf & Country Club
With the instructors $25

Members who register for KARATE ONLY, can attend a maximum of 6 seminars over 3 days.
Members who register for KOBUDO ONLY, can attend 4 seminars over 2 days.
Members registered for KARATE ONLY, can exchange a karate class for a kobudo class, only if space is available. This is because a dojo that can accommodate 50 people for karate training, can only accommodate 25 people, or less, for kobudo training to maintain optimum safety.

Please contact us for full details at (818) 889-3856 or

Our event hotel for the Tenchi Martial Arts Center seminars in Dalton, GA, is the Hilton Garden Hotel at
879 College Drive, Dalton. Exit 333 from the freeway. We have negotiated a rate of $115 per night for our members which is valid until April 18th, 2017.

This is a beautiful hotel, conveniently located for both the dojo, and all local amenities.

When you make your reservation please identify yourself in order to receive the reduced rate with the code CFATour.

Kenkyukai Seminars in the Ancient City of San Luis Potosi

After four days of teaching in the Tenchi Martial Arts Center in Dalton, GA, our three teachers will leave for another event at the beautiful Centro Cultural Universitario Bicentario complex in San Luis Potosi where they will teach classical Okinawan karate and kobudo to karateka from all over Mexico.

This event is being organized by the Karate Do Kenkyukai representative for Mexico, Dr. Juan-Antonio Balderas Villasana, and the senior members of his Oninkai Dojo, many of whom have trained with us in Okinawa and Tokyo repeatedly over the last 6 years.

Their contact Information is as follows:
Web site:
Facebook: facebook@oninkai

Instructor Training:
Instructors wishing to attend special training with Kuba Sensei (Goju Ryu) on Monday, May 22nd, and possible grade evaluation the same day, must be current members of the Karate Do Kenkyukai. Please contact us for full details at 818 889 3856



Limited edition event T Shirt $20 (pre-order by email: - pay at the dojo)


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Sayonara Dinner:


If you are a Seibukan member and experience difficulties signing up through the Seibukan web site,
please call our office and we will assist you with your sign-up and purchase.
(800) 717-6288

Zenpo Shimabukuro 10th, Dan Hanshi (Shorin Ryu-Seibukan)

Shimabukuro Sensei trained from an early age with his father, Zenryo, who was a direct student of the legendary karate master, Chotoku Kyan (Chan Mi Gwa). His karate exhibits the entire range of the Shorin Ryu system.


Yoshio Kuba 10th Dan,
Hanshi (Goju Ryu)

Kuba Sensei is the best known student of Seikichi Toguchi Sensei, a protegee of both Seko Kina and Chojun Miyagi. He is famous for his knowledge of kata applications (bunkai).


Seisho Itokazu 9th Dan Uechi Ryu, 8th Dan Matayoshi Kobudo

Itokazu Sensei is the son of Seiki Itokazu who in 1997 was recognized by the Okinawan Prefectural Government as an Intangible Cultural Asset of Karate. Seisho Itokazu Sensei was also until recently the technical director of Matayoshi Kobudo following a lifetime of study with the founder, Shinpo Matayoshi.



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